Barents debris

Sted: Oslo
Klient: Arkitekturtriennalen «Risk»
Status: Oppdrag 2007
Team: bad-architects network
( Anders Melsom, Ursula Faix, Paul Burgstaller,
Kathrine Nyhus & Pawel Druciarek)

«Taking risk and getting rid of risk is business. The culture of risk is eventually a culture of insurances and gambling, risk as commodity. Ikea – a clever global exploiter – has placed a flat-pack epicentre in Haparanda, with a potential range not only of the twin-city Tornio but also covering the entire North Callot. Can exploiting this event be the umbraco key to achieve local and regional goals, or will it only increase competition between barents cities and nations? Haparanda-Tornio can exploit its hotbed situation to develop an identity for the whole Barents region by encouraging stronger mutual dependence among the network of Barents cities – inviting exploiters to distribute their island among the network by investing in new infrastructure, establishing a transnational park. The project serves as ”hacked” assembly instructions for a new geography of desires – creating a paid urbanism. A twofold strategy, for exploiting the exploitation is proposed in the case of Haparanda-Tornio: A conceptual rotation of the Maslow pyramid of needs, as a tool to move beyond functional-economic thinking. Regional players are invited to share the risk. A network of mutual dependencies is more flexible than putting all your trust in one place.»
– Utdrag fra prosjektbeskrivelsen